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MyKa.org incorporated into TalkFord.com

Posted by Nick , 23 June 2011 · 1,263 views

For many various reasons, MyKa.org has been incorporated into TalkFord.com.

I'm pretty sure everything should be working as intended, but if you spot something, please let me know, thanks :L

The forums are protected and i cannot get into them if thats any good lol ..not that i have a Ka but you did ask :)
Thanks, now fixed :)
thats why the site been slow then.
I'd be interested to know if the slowdown issues have indeed been resolved or not :)
I was wondering where it'd gone. No probs my end.
Been on & off over the last few days, speed wise it seems to be A OK.
Since the changeover from Myka.org my username has become KevinB1308829931

I didnt change my username, I don't know how.

Can my username be changed back to KevinB

Sorted Kevin :L

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