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Posted by Nick , 08 January 2012 · 668 views

We've added another little tool to make it easy for people to find new content on the site, this one is called i-Spy. You can see the link in the navigation bar above, and the direct link is:


This updates every 5 seconds with all updates to the site, whether it be a new post, reply, member map location update, images uploaded to the gallery, car reviews added, etc etc, it monitors pretty much everything and lists it in one easy to find place.

This is designed to complement our two existing methods:

View New Content

Active Topics

I like it, but is there anyway to have an option to select individual catagories from all to for example 'New post only'.

As I will be subscribed to threads I've posted too, so only really interested in seeing new posts.
Yep, click the Active Topics link, and then just select:

By time period

New Since Last Visit

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