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Default TalkFord Skin Change

Posted by Nick , 24 January 2012 · 2,116 views

Just to give you all a "heads-up", in the next day or two the default TalkFord skin will be changing from the light blue you currently see, to the default IPB skin, which is similar, in a darker blue.

I know the vast majority of you probably aren't bothered, so long as you can access the site and find the information you're after. For those of you that are bothered, then the light blue skin will still be available, it will just no longer be the default skin.

So why the change? Because we can't find anyone (no matter what we offer to pay!) who is reliable to update our custom skin with the changes we need. There are currently issues with this current skin which we cannot resolve without the knowledge of people who are too busy to help. By reverting back to the standard IPB default skin (albeit with a few minor styling tweaks which we can do ourselves) then we are guaranteed 100% compatibility with all functions of the site, and no issues. There WILL be issues with any non-standard skins we introduce, that's just the way it is really, they are factors outside of our control.

So, when you see the site colour scheme change from light blue to dark blue, that's when we'll have switched over :)

I have to admit I prefer a darker scheme, especially on late night reading sessions.

Ip.Board can be a nightmare, well most can but the've improved alot since I first setup a forum about 15 years ago...they was late night reading sessions on their own! (I used to wake up muttering 'copy it where - what permissions')

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