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EU Tyre Eco Labels

New EU rules coming into place in November 2012 means all new tyres fitted in the UK must have an eco label, as shown below:

Tyre Eco Labels

It’s split down into three simple sections:

fuel efficiency tyre labelFuel Efficiency - The item which will likely determine whether you purchase this tyre, this label rates on a scale of A to G (A being super efficient, G being the opposite) how fuel efficient this tyre is. This directly affects not just CO2 emissions being spewed from your exhaust, but also the MPG you get. The more efficient the tyre, the less CO2 and the higher the MPG. So wherever possible, try to purchase an A graded tyre.

Wet Grip Eco LabelWet Grip – This is a safety rating which scores how well thr tyre grips under extreme braking in the wet. The grades are A to G and the difference between each grade means an increase or decresase in stopping distance of between one to two car lengths (between 3 and 6 metres) when braking from 50mph. So again, a tyre with an A rating is the one to go for.

Noise Tyre Eco LabelNoise – This simply shows how much noise a tyre emits when it’s being used. The higher the number, the louder it is! If a tyre is too noisy, you’ll hear it within the cabin as a droning noise. Not good on long distance journeys.

So, to summarise, from 1st Nov. 2012, all tyres produced after 30 June 2012 must display the following information:

1) All passenger or commercial van tyres, on display or visible by the consumer must either carry the sticker displaying the tyre label directly on their tread (as provided by the manufacturer) OR must have a copy of the tyre label as provided by the manufacturer) in their immediate proximity.

2) Distributors must provide buyers with label fuel efficiency and wet grip classes and noise values and class of products even if not on display, before the sale.

3) The fuel efficiency and wet grip classes and noise class and values (but not the full image of the label) shall be included on the tyre technical promotional material like for example the price list, or websites.

4) Fuel Efficiency class, Wet grip class, and the external Rolling noise declared value have to be provided to the end consumer either on or with the bill.