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2.0 High Idle when stopping (Fixed) .

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#1 zirk


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Posted 14 January 2012 - 09:28 PM

Further to my earlier post, see link below here. Which in a nutshell was once warmed up the car would rev at 3k for quiet a few seconds when coming to a stand still.


Work done was ICV off and cleaned and a quick check for any air leaks, none found and ICV made no difference. Decided to reset the ECU and followed the instructions on here for the restart, once warm took the car for a spin and found the complete opposite had happened where it would no longer rev at 3k but would hunt first and then stall when coming to a stand still. I decided to put this down to the ECU maybe still re learning?

A few days later same deal, on the cards was a manifold off and check for leaks, pipes etc, but wasn’t convinced over the fault changing like that after an ECU reset and was never convinced about the amount of play with the throttle cable, which seemed to be in a fairly new condition.

Took the ICV off and another good clean, just in case I missed anything and sprayed carb cleaner outside of every pipe I could see and listened to the revs for any air leaks again, another warm up and I noticed accidently that if I go full lock on idle I can duplicate the hunt and stall issue without driving and also hear the ICV clicking away (Steering Pump Load).

I did another ECU reset this time with the engine hot, this time on restart I noticed in the early stages of start up that if I gently revved to 1000 with the throttle that the ECU would take it down 850 again and whilst doing this if I go full lock it wouldn’t stall, Dissed the ECU again and did some more checks.

Now thinking that the throttle cable had been changed a some recent point and throttle idle needed some adjustment after an ECU reset (bear with me). Couldn’t at first see any adjustment at the throttle body end but having found a screw and dug out a load of glue from the top of it, found the adjuster.

Powered up the ECU again let the engine settle down to 800 revs, I then moved the adjuster to rev around 950 and watched it settle to 800, again and again I keep doing this slowly and kept watching the ECU taking this back to 800 rpm, kept going, a fair way now, until the ECU stopped reducing the rpm and then backed off halve a turn to the last know good point.

Went for spin, perfect, no hunting, no stalling engine settles to 800 every time, did a few restarts as well starts on the key every time, where had sometimes had to give some gas on hot starts.

Left the car to become completely cold, as I wanted to check I hadn’t buggered up any cold starts, after a cold start up fine, cold start idle runs around 1k then settles down to 800 after warm up.

Im starting to think maybe the car in its previous life had developed a stalling issue or the idle had been incorrectly set and maybe over time the ECU had learnt to live with this to the extent it was giving me very high revs and hunts under certain conditions, its been over a week now, cars in use every day and is still running sweet.


#2 wobble67


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Posted 15 January 2012 - 10:49 AM

Thanks Chris for the write up

This is the type of thing that can have the most experianced person tearing their hair out. I'm sure there are plenty more people out there living with this problem after giving up trying to find the cause.

Little snippets of information go a long way in helping others :cheers:

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#3 zirk


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  • Name:chris
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Posted 11 February 2012 - 03:47 PM

Thanks wobble67, just thought I'd add its been 4 weeks now and the ECU has had plenty of time to re learn any errors but the Cars still running sweet and starts on the button hot or cold, even over the last weeks worth of - degrees temp.


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