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Starter motor/solenoid problem

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#1 dmatthews


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Posted 12 April 2003 - 02:56 AM

Hi gang,

I've been having some problems getting the old Mondy to start up over the last week or so: turn the key, click, nothing. Occasionally it would start up on the second or third attempt but the other day it refused completely. A-ha - starter motor, I thought at first. Tended it with the good old "Roadside Emergency Kit" - ie trusty old hammer - but still no joy. So I tried some deftly applied percussion on the solenoid body instead and voila!

The car then started OK every time but the solenoid needed bashing again a few days later when it let me down.

Clearly the solenoid was on its way out so I took the car in to my local friendly dealer to get it changed. However we discovered that the nut that retains the earthing strap from the solenoid was loose and had, in fact, burnt away very badly (which, presumably, was due to arcing.)

We can only assume that the nut had never been tightened up properly when the car was built. It doesn't seem likely that the nut has simply loosened itself over time.

Whatever - the car now seems to be sorted. Indeed I can actually hear a difference when I start the engine - the starter motor had previously sounded rather "rough" when engaging.

So I thought I'd post this little story so that others suffering starter problems might like to check for this. Indeed I'd be interested to know if anyone else has actually come across this problem on their own Mondy.


#2 Underdog


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Posted 12 April 2003 - 06:17 PM

Had exactly the same thing on my Mondy. You descibed it beautifully. It may be worthy of a mention that my starter did actually give up the ghost only 1 month later. Don't know whether it's a sign of things to come though Dave, hope not. :(
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#3 Pcox



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Posted 13 April 2003 - 01:39 AM

Hi Dave,
Last year i had a new starter put in my mondy. 1 year & 1 week later my starter gave up again, i went to halfords AA garage to get a new starter fitted. The fitter called me in after about 30 minutes when he had got the old starter off. The wiring on the back of the solinoid had melted so i needed a new starter and wiring. Thought i was the only person with this problem .
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#4 dmatthews


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Posted 13 April 2003 - 05:19 AM

I must admit I am a bit concerned that the arcing may have caused damage to the solenoid and/or starter over the years. The whole assembly is a real pig to remove in a V6 auto, too. Just have to wait and see.

Dave Matthews

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