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NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingSpeaker UpgradeAlpine SPG-17C2£90.00£0.008 / 10
Ford Granada MK3 Scorpio 2.9L V6 24V Cosworth BOA
2.0ltr 163 Titanium X Business Edition
One previous owner and lovely in every respect.
my lowerd Ford mondeo <br /><br />Specs<br />:J-spec v2 volvo v70 fas2 coils <br />:dotz CP5 rims (gonna change later)<br />:wind deflectors<br />:eye lids for headlights<br />:stickers in front window <br />Interior <br />:12 inch sub (Apocalypse DB-SA27
Petrol CHBB 92kw/125hp. Purchased on 28.09.18 348,065 miles/560156km.<br /><br />Purchased from a motor auction in Liverpool, originally meant to just take an engine to Belgium and be scrapped, I loved it too much to just let him die and exported to Eston
Born on 25/11/2014, Baptized on 28/10/2015. (What was it doing during those dates ??)
2.0l TDCi Titanium<br />18&quot; Alloys
My old Mk1 that i spent a small fortune on:<br /><br />Combat styling kit<br />Cold air intake<br />Full respray<br />18&quot; wheels and tires<br />Undercar neon<br /><br />Still missed, sent to the junkyard in 2009 because of blown engine gasket and rus
2001 Mondeo Estate with Duratec 2.0.
Bought as dead after previous owner ignored all warnings regarding injectors, 2 mass clutch, suspension and common car maintenance...
A Mk2.5 Facelift Focus Cabriolet. Its beautiful.