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Mondeo Mk2
Panther Black
121300 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
OZ superturismo WRC 17"17" from a focus with 205/40 tyres£200.00£0.007 / 10
Bump strips removedRemoved door bump strips£0.00£0.009 / 10
Debadged and trim on rearRemoved badges and painted trim strip£15.00£0.006 / 10
PB sail panelsPanther Black sailpanels£15.00£0.009 / 10
Blackeyes and V6 grill badgeduh!£10.00£0.009 / 10
Blueboot lightsBlue spotlights£10.00£0.007 / 10
Bugeye light and mirror...£10.00£5.008 / 10
Racebits Induction kitcheers shaun!£30.00£0.008 / 10
Smoked side repeatersmuuch better than orange£5.00£0.007 / 10
Painted cam coversBlue enamel spraypaint£12.00£0.008 / 10
Blue LED switchesbyebye manky green!£10.00£0.008 / 10
Silicon Hose kitSamco £160.00£0.0010 / 10
MK2 2.5 V6 Si<br />Bought from a young guy at work who knew F-all about cars for £120! When I collected it, it had about 2pts of oil and about a litre of pure water, both rears were flat and it had the tick of death!. But he'd bought rear discs and pads (but not fitted) and just had new front tyres. I serviced it and filled the coolant and oil, put on a new rear caliper and it passed its MOT! Since then Ive put a metal water pump, fitted the rear discs/pads, cleaned the UIM/LIM, done various cosmetic mods and over last winter I redid the Head gaskets, reground the valves+new stem seals etc.<br />It now has a new clean MOT and is a beaut to drive



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Update - 16/10/12<br />
After all the blood, sweat and skin I put into this, my first <acronym title='mondeo' class='bbc ipSeoAcronym'>mondy</acronym> finally died - failed its MOT as the emissions were so high it broke the test machine -Lol!<br />
Its current problems were - serious rust coming through the pass. footwell / strange low idle problem (although engine ran fine otherwise) / comedy bouncy suspension (dead shocks?) due to moving house and not really having anywhere off-road to work on it, I decided that maybe it was to let it go to car heaven!<br />
If anyone wants any bits off it, send me a pm - but it will be going to the scrappy soon!