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General Information

Mondeo Mk3 Ghia X
Panther Black
110000 Miles
She's led a bit of a varied life has my Mondy.<br /><br />Built in 2000 or 2001 in Belgium, it was actually registered in Belgium by a private owner who happened to be British and travelled between the two countries regularly. In 2003, the UK obviously became more of a permanent thing because the car was registered here and stayed with the same owner until I bought it from a tiny wee village in November 2008. Being registered in Belgium means it has some French writing on the back (which is apparently just the dealer name) which I think adds character and is a bit of a discussion point when people see it.<br /><br />Since I've had it, she's found her way to the outside lane of the M6 quite a lot and I have put a fair few miles on it without much incident. Managed to snap a front spring and drive home without any change in the car's behaviour which was nice, and other than replacing suspension bits as they wear out, it's so far been mechanically sound!<br /><br />She is also magical. Despite having a smaller-than-it-should-be battery that was officially flat putting out only about 11.7v, she still started and ran with no problems at all for at least 2 months until the new battery showed up.<br /><br />Comfort, toys, superb cruiser, fast off the line, composed round the corners, and a beautiful sparkling gleam when she's washed...what more could I want? (Other than an ST kit...).



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