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Deep Rosso Red
147000 Miles
My second Mondeo TDCi. LAst one lasted wel over 200000 miles before going to Mondeo heaven. <br /><br />Bought for work duty between vans. I have an obsession with modifying, so when I get another van I doubt I wil be able to stop myself doing subtle mods to this car.



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So far have added new number plates stuck on to keep clean look, rear surround, iphone holder with bluetooth, charger and Aux wiring, rear sun blind, LED footwell lights, new turbo actuator and repaired old one as spare, 'Riggers Procedure', Silicone Boost to EGR pipe, rear parking sensors (chinese dirt cheap) fitted to black bumper trim in line with factory holes behind, rear sensor LED display on top of rear view mirror. Repair driver seat lumbar spring. Leather gear gaiter. Offside window mirror replaced. Aero wipers all around. Reverse light switch repaired, Air Con serviced and near side rear hub replaced.<br />
<br />
Removed fitted Nokia hands free kit including window aerial, removed tatty TDCi badge.<br />
<br />
Oil and filter change when I got it home. Ford Formula F. Plus carlack sealant followed by collinite wax.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Planning ahead.<br />
<br />
Decat.<br />
Back box delete.<br />
Bluefin Remap.<br />
Eibach Pro Springs.<br />
Will try blanking EGR. But if get fed up of clearing glowplug warning, will just clean EGR every service.<br />
Rear side window sun blinds.<br />
Dent devil treat. Lol.<br />
Sony 2 DIN with Bluetooth.<br />
Amp and sub.