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Showcase cover image for 2009 Ford Mondeo Mk4


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Finally got some decent images of the Side/DRL on the car so here is one comparing the DRL mode to foglights.<br />
<br />
These are single LED devices that fit in place of the existing sidelight lamp holder on a MK4, the lampholder is then used to power the Side/DRL unit in sidelight mode. Note, in DRL mode, the rear lights are not illuminated except when sidelights are switched on. Night time mode is operated by user choice of Sidelight or dip beam.<br />
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These are a pretty subtle alternative to the bumper mounted DRLs and certainly more subtle than the ones round the headlight. There is no cutting out required to make them fit, plus all the connections are made inside the headlight. As Farrina (forum member) has noted, it took him just over an hour to fit these.<br />
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If we have enough interested to warrant getting some sets made then they will be £120 inc shipping and VAT. May seem expensive, but I cant get them made in China as they would probably copy the design even if I am registering it here, and we may have a dubious assembly. The kit will contain all connectors and Side/DRL switching controller which includes a supply regulator to prevent the DRL device varying its light output as the battery voltage varies.<br />
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These will also fit a MK3 Mondeo, but needs 10 minutes extra work in moving the lampholder into a different location as space is at a premium in a MK3 sidelight.