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Showcase cover image for 2011 ford mondeo


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This is the mk 4 2010 model registered jan 2011. I bought this in sept 2013. I would personally like to thank the kind soul who reversed their car into my drivers side door, causing £330 worth of damage after only 9 days of ownership. I would also like to shake the neck of the young man who attempted to<br />
do a 'U' turn from a bus stop, slamming into the side of me and causing £3.5k of damage. All this in 3 months!! :tonofbricks: I am considering stripping the car down and leaving just the shell on the drive to impress the neighbours. :nana:<br />
we only do 3000 miles per year, so the petrol option was best for us. cost and d.p.f. filter issues put me off the diesel option.<br />
Averaging 38 mpg on longer runs and as low as 19 mpg on short townies. Driving is effortless and smooth even with the sport suspension, although a little hard at lower speeds. A very fast car, the power is there if you need it.<br />
In the background of the picture, you can see my son cleaning my everyday workhorse.