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  1. V6 Petrol Engines (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    On this Mondeo, I have recently had the front and rear suspension, drive shafts and linkages replaced as well as tracking and proposing a complete respray as the bodywork is in good condition with no rust; the genuine mileage is just under 70km. I have replaced the trip indicator twice with a...
  2. Lighting (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    Hi im a new user and need help with my 1996 Ford Mondeo Mk1 GLX HC. I have recently lost my dashboard lights and my tail lights at a simultaneous time and i have seen my local mechanic and they said i need a new switch replacement. i dont think he is 100% correct as i think it may be the...
  3. 1.6L to 2.0L Zetec Engines (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    my diagnostic works on most cars but not my MK2 mondeo ... i have been told its the old system ... is there anywhere i can get a diagnostic to suit it ... something thats not going to cost more than the car is worth ?
1-3 of 3 Results