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  1. In-Car Entertainment (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hi, New to this site, need some guidance please? Last month I picked up a 2.0 TDCI on a 2010 plate. The satndard Ford Audio Unit was installed (6000 cd). The radio worked, but was badly scratched. I replaced this with a Sony Unit that also had MP3 playback on CDs. This also works fine. I...
  2. In-Car Entertainment (Mk4 Mondeo)
    I have seen similar posts but not that seem to be the exact problem that I have. I have the 6000 CD sterio with the green and red phone buttons at the bottom of each set of buttons on either side of the voume control, etc. <Attached a picture> I also have the phone buttons and voice control...
1-2 of 2 Results