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  1. Security / Safety (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hello everybody, Recently my 2003 Mondeo Ghia X doesn't let me open any doors until I turn the engine off and press the Unlock button on the fob. More than a year ago I saw a youtube video about how to setup the CL to look itself after a certain speed. No issues until now! Previously if I...
  2. Security / Locking / Safety (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    Hey guys I've decided to make a user here since you guys seems to be pretty helpful with problem solving Here is my problem with my Mondeo mk2 1998 estate: When I unlock the drivers side door with the key it opens(remote locking doesn't work wither, but that's another matter) the problem is...
  3. Security / Safety (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hi anyone know where the central timer unit is located, the central locking system is no good. I will use a multimeter to pinpoint broken circuits. Rgd Michael
  4. Electrical (Ka Mk1)
    Hi, I have Ford Ka 2002 Luxury , and the passenger window is not working , I have replaced the switch with new one , but still no luck , the driver window is working but also the passenger window doesn't work from the driver switch. Central lock, also going crazy in both doors and the trunk...
  5. Electrical (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hello everybody, I have Ford Mondeo MK3 2002 GHIA, 2.0 Petrol Automatic. The central lock doesn't work, neither via the wireless remote nor via locking manually the drivers door (key and inside). The boot won't open neither using the inside button nor the outside button. I'd like to check if...
  6. Electrical (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    Hi, i own a 1998.06, 1,8i turnier glx mondeo( It's Hungarian, not import). When i bought it i've got just one immo key. I found this central lock modul in my car: I don't know if it is remote or not. I hope u can help me.
  7. Security / Safety (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hi! Appologise for any misspellings - me being norwegian :-) Case: The central locking system on my Mondeo is failing. The passenger front door doesn't respond at all, and the rear door (same side) is sluggish. Both doors at the driver side is OK. How to isolate the fault? How much trouble is...
1-7 of 7 Results