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  1. In-Car Entertainment/SatNav/Comms (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    Hey I bought a Ford Mondeo Mk2 estate 1.8 about a month ago. Now It has started to have a problem with the stereo playing since it became cold outside. The problem is manifesting like this. Turning the stereo on will make it light up and it is responsive and I can turn the volume up and down...
  2. Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    Hello all, this is my first new thread on this forum. How exciting! Anyway, I recently purchased a MK3 2.0 with 150k on the clock. I test drove it and found no problems but while driving home I noticed some HUGE plumes of smoke coming out the back under acceleration. It also surged constantly...
1-2 of 2 Results