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  1. General Car Talk
    Have dealt with Tempest Ford in Lichfield since it was Friarsgate and sold Rover & MG. Top dealer. Never anything to complain about and always great service. If you really want to buy a Rover or MG, talk to Phil. Fords, Jeanette. Nice people
  2. Ford S-Max Forum
    My S-Max 2.0TDi was serviced by a Ford main dealer last week. A couple of days ago I noticed a hot acrid smell from the engine bay, but as it wasn't strong and couldn't see anything obviously amiss I ignored it. This morning when I left for work I noticed a small dark patch on the driveway...
  3. Ford Escort Forums & Ford Orion Forums
    I have a life long warranty with Kwik Fit for a Ford Escort 1.6i cabriolet MFi, which I took out in the early 1990's. On the last exhaust, Kwick Fit damaged the rear valance on fitment. They graciously accpeted liabillity and I trolled off to Sandicliffe Ford Leicester,for a repair. They were...
1-3 of 3 Results