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dual mass
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  1. Mondeo Mk3 General Discussion
    Hi, Thinking of buying a mk3 estate, ST TDCI. Currently has 168k on the clock, full service history, loads of receipts, good condition, nothing to say the DMF and clutch have been done though. Took it for a drive, wasn't bad, couldn't find any symptoms of failure. Is it possible the original...
  2. Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    hey i had a little issue with a starter motor i bought,i could not get it to line up properly where as the old one slid straight in! well i have noticed something,there seems to be a batch of starter motors going about with a little cut out missing next to the holes the bolts go into! here...
  3. Drivetrain (Mk4 Mondeo)
    I have a 2011 Mk4 Mondeo TDCI that's just done over 11,000 miles. I had the flywheel replaced under warranty around 3 months ago as the car was making a knocking noise when the engine swtiched off (this only occured when the clutch pedal was not pressed). After the new flywheel was fitted the...
1-3 of 3 Results