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electronic turbo actuator
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  1. Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    This is just a post to help others in case they have this fault code. It showed up, with a flashing glow plug light and limp home mode, the day after I replaced my oil cooler thermostat. I double checked all the work that I had done in replacing the stat, but I still got the code and limp home...
  2. Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    long story shorter blew *** lighter fuse replaced fuse car would not start - clicking relay in main fuse box rac man fixed it but no turbo Fault code P2263 no turbo Turbo arm free to move ( ~ 2.5 cm ? ) turbo actuator plug has voltage any ideas how to fix...
1-2 of 2 Results