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exhaust system
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  1. Ford Ka Mk1 Forum (1996-2008)
    Hi Folks, New to this forum, need some opinions from the more DIY experienced than myself. Ive had a couple oh Ford Ka's over the past few years, and became rather fond of them, Ive got to know them quite well and done a fair few repairs on both endura and duratec, such as front rear shocks...
  2. General Car Talk
    hi guys have a ford focus 1.6 53 reg hatchback where is the cheapest place to buy full system and how much thanks guys
  3. Exhausts / Induction (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hi folks,looking for some help in relation to my car(2006 2.0 petrol Mondeo Ghia X),I'm looking to fit a new exhaust system to the car and liked the Remus system but it's discontiued,but have found a similar looking system on the web made by Greggsons and would like to know if any of the members...
1-3 of 3 Results