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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk1 / Mk2 / Mk3 Forum - (1976-1995)
    Hi all, new here I have a standard 1.1 mk2 fiesta that I'm looking to lower Where are everyone getting there springs from these days? a friend of mine also has a standard fiesta and had issues when lowering his on springs, the back ended up sitting really nice but the front sat really high...
  2. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hey everyone very happy to be part of the forum! Tried searching for this but couldn’t find anything but please point me in the right direction if I missed a thread got a 1.4 tdci 2010 fiesta a couple of weeks ago with dpf issues. Tried having it professionally cleaned but no joy. Tried...
  3. Ford Fiesta Mk4 / Mk5 Forum - (1995-2002)
    So I bought a mk4 with 65000 miles, 2 owners and 1 from 2002. Thought it was great untill I opened the window and hear a kind of hissing/high pited noise when I depress the accelerator more than a few cm. Not sure if this is just the noise of the car or a fuel leak. There is also a hint of...
  4. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    hi, I have a ford fiesta 2013, I lock it with the key, it locks. however when I try to open it from the door handle, it just unlock after two or three tries. does anyone of you guys know how to fix this issue? it happens only with the driver side door.
  5. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Few problems on my 2009 Ford fiesta Zetec s 1.6 diesel Indicators not working, noise of clicking in car at approx twice speed Hazards not working brake lights work when no lights on, when lights on (which appear to be as bright as the brake lights) no change in brightness when pedal pressed...
  6. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi all, I have lost the screw for the door card which goes in the door handle. Its a Torx T20 screw, does anyone know the part number by any chance? I have attached an image.
  7. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Searched various forums for some answers on this but not been lucky enough to find an answer. About 3 months ago a quiet knocking started to occur when driving, not massively noticeable and would be easily drowned out by low volume radio. It was coming from drivers side and sounded as though it...
  8. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased a 2011 Ford Fiesta, although I've noticed when the aircon is turned on the fan seems to be very loud. Is this normal? (See video link) Thanks
  9. Ford Fiesta Mk6 & Fusion (UK) Forum - (2002-2008)
    Hi all, This is my first post, as I've been struggling with a high idle issue for about a month now. So, when I start her up from cold she revs to about 2000 then settles to 1100, beyond this point she will just gradually build revs sitting still until about 2100-2200 sometimes even up to...
  10. Ford Fiesta Mk6 & Fusion (UK) Forum - (2002-2008)
    Have been messing around with the wifes fiesta this weekend after she said there is a strange light on the dash. Sure enough there was but its the airbag light. After cracking out the F-Super, which i hadnt used since owning the mondeo, i found the following codes. ===RCM DTC B1318=== Code...
  11. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi, Been looking all day for a forum or website with accurate torque settings for a Ford Fiesta 1.25 Clutch. * Pressure plate to Flywheel = Gearbox to engine = * Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  12. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    I am having issues with my car Issues I get are: * Stalling at lights sometimes * Not holding a constant idle, going to 500 then 1900 often when out of gear * Driving at 60kph in 5th gear the car seems to jump a little forward sometimes then want to pull back a little sometimes Issue started...
  13. Ford Fiesta Mk6 & Fusion (UK) Forum - (2002-2008)
    Hello. My brother has kindly offered me his old petrol Fiesta. It's a 2003 and has done 83k with full service history, most recently a new clutch and timing belt kit. It's been SORN'd for a year as he stopped using it and now just wants rid. £100. I used to own a MK2 Focus Diesel which I looked...
  14. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi, My partner has a 63-plate Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost (face-lifted Mk. 7.5 version with larger grill) Up until about 1pm today, it's been largely issue free, but all of a sudden the car will not lock with the remote fobs unless standing right next to the car. It's not been a gradual reduction...
  15. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi guys looking for some advice, can anyone sugguest the best HID kit that won’t dazzle other cars and also do I need to get two kits? One for the low beam and one for the high beam? Thank you ????
  16. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi just bought 2017 Ford Fiesta titanium and global windows opening/closing function does not work with key fob I can’t see a function in setting on the menu is there a solution (I assume it is fitted due to car spec?)
  17. Ford Fiesta Mk6 & Fusion (UK) Forum - (2002-2008)
    Lets have a friendly chat about basically everything and nothing. Non fiesta owners are welcome too.
  18. Wheels In Motion
    My wife has a Mk7 Fiesta 1.4 petrol 4-door, which was fitted with 16" alloys running 195/45/16 tyres. In the last month she has hit two major pot holes, bending two of the alloys which were already in a poor state when we got the car. I decided to get some 15" Fiesta alloys on higher profile...
  19. Ford Fiesta Mk6 & Fusion (UK) Forum - (2002-2008)
    Hello, I have a 2003 ford fiesta, semi automatic. Last night and this morning I couldn't start the car, as the engine immobiliser light was on. Using an OBDII socket I found two fault codes P0810 and C1222. Also during this time the break peddle was very hard and I think that may have been part...
  20. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Most parts available rear end snow bump has hot me a cheap project
1-20 of 132 Results