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  1. General Car Talk
    I have recently seen a deal from a company called Scorpion Automotive who are offering a free tracker and fitting for Ford ST/RS owners where you just pay the 1-year subscription of £129. I've looked into them and their tracker seems pretty decent, has...
  2. Focus Mk2 General Discussion
    My missus has a 2008 focus 1.6 tdi manual transmission and she's just got a check engine light and I have and its still there, the diagnostic has came up with "reverse inhibit control circuit malfunction" now I know this is more than likely a solenoid or sensor issue, but has anyone else come up...
  3. Mechanical (Focus Mk1)
    Hi everyone, Need some help with finding the best induction kit for my car. Did a bit of research and came up with K&N Induction Kit from euro car parts...
  4. Electrical (Mk2 Focus)
    l`ve looked everywhere but l cant find it , there is a aux button l press it , aux options opens but l cant plug the jack anywhere :( Can someone help me get throught this . l`m driving a 2006 ford focus hatchback
1-4 of 4 Results