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  1. Focus Mk3 General Discussion
    So in the last week I have bought myself a lovely mk3 Focus with the 2.0L TDCI engine, (changed over from a Mk3 Mondeo, also with a 2.0L TDCI, but a completely different 2.0L TDCI). As has been the case for my past few cars I then went to get the appropriate Haynes manual (and a reasonable OBD...
  2. Mondeo Mk3 General Discussion
    hey i just thought i would post a little warning to save some people some money!! well i have had a good few haynes manuals we used to buy them for each car we bought,the only one we did not buy one for was the audi 80 because they did not make one for our model. well when i bought the one...
  3. Focus Mk3 General Discussion
    Hi all, Just to let you know, for the DIYers, the Haynes manual for our Foci is out in May and is available to pre-order now. I have ordered mine already. Reasonable enough price on their site too, £21.99. Here's the link...
  4. General Car Talk
    Hi guys, Does anybody know where I can get a maintenance schedual or a manual like the haynes manual for an 09 onwards Ka? I've tried ebay and the haynes site but they dont seem to have one yet? Anybody know of any where else I might get something similar? All advice much appreciated! P
1-4 of 4 Results