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  1. Legal Corner
    I have a friend who wants to use my car. He swears blind that he is insured to drive ANY car, even though he doesn't actually own a car himself. Ultimately I'll ask to see his certificate of insurance but I was wondering if this type of car insurance was even possible? Could I get insured to...
  2. Legal Corner
    Good afternoon all. I am seeking advice regarding an insurance issue, after an attempted break-in to my 2005 Mondeo. First, some background information: A fortnight ago, some low-life waster decided to attempt to break into my Mondeo Ghia X in the broad light of day. Parked for less than half...
  3. Legal Corner
    Just had my insurance renewal through and it's very very high, I always then get a load of quotes of which at least 4-6 of them are less than half the price, ring my insurance company and they match it. It came in at £636 I got it down to £280. Why can't they just give me that price automatically.
1-3 of 6 Results