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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Forum - (2008-2017)
    Hi guys looking for some advice, can anyone sugguest the best HID kit that won’t dazzle other cars and also do I need to get two kits? One for the low beam and one for the high beam? Thank you ????
  2. Serious Power/Performance/Mapping/Rolling Roads
    Hi all, Here is a link on how to install a universal cold air induction kit to a Ford Mondeo ST TDCI. Thanks Wayne
  3. Mechanical (Focus Mk1)
    Hey, hows everyone doing? I just wanted to know if there's any point of me installing a K&N induction kit on my 2003 ford focus mk1 hatchback? This is the one I'm looking at: http://www.eurocarpa...44f403c6 I wanted to make the car run smoother and use less fuel and also get a deeper sound...
  4. Mechanical (Focus Mk1)
    Hi everyone, Need some help with finding the best induction kit for my car. Did a bit of research and came up with K&N Induction Kit from euro car parts...
  5. Mondeo Mk4 General Discussion
    Yo Fordy's, I'm new to the forum, so forgive me if this post (or similar post) has been answered numerous amounts of times. I'm picking up my Mondeo on Thursday, and straight away, have left myself £1,000 to get the car lowered up to 100mm, maybe more depending on wheels (yet to be decided)...
1-5 of 5 Results