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  1. Diesel Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Lost power, and the engine is at constant rpm here when i record from the engine side. After that I go inside and record from the frontseat. Is the turbo gone? Do have a P003A fault, and changed the Solenoid, but still the same faultcode. Any ideas, on what to do next? Here is the video a made...
  2. Petrol Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    hi and good day to everyone. my mondeo mk4 2.0 ecoboost make whining/whistling noise when accelarate. it can be heard around ~2k rpm. however, i cant hear it when in high speed or maybe the noise is drown out by engine noise. is it because of worn out turbo or something else.. you can hear...
  3. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    Spare no longer needed. Previous owner tried to fix the condensation issue with a drill, apart from that it's OK. Need the space so £50 cash on collection please. Sent from my telling bone using Tapitap
  4. Electrical (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hello i have a ford mondeo mk4 with bixenon headlights with d1s and i would like to change them because they cost too much ... there is some solution to remove the d1s and put some h7 or h1
  5. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    Ambition Blue. This is a door I removed from my 2008 mk4 2.5T mondeo estate, it is the bare door including glass. It is in good condition except for the virtually unnoticeable dent/crease near the top. I tried my best to show it in the photos. If you can collect it, I only want £20 for it. I...
  6. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    Pair of front foglights for mk4 mondeo. I bought these as replacements for my fogged up standard ones but then I sold the car and didn't use them so apart from the box's being opened these are brand new. £50 collect or £60 posted within UK only. Sent from my telling bone using Tapitap
  7. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    Trailing Arm bush removal/replacement tool. Never even been out of the box, completely unused. I want £90.00 but postage could add another £10. This is a big box and it's heavy so ideally cash on collection suits me best. Sent from my telling bone using Tapitap
  8. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    Per title, complete cambelt kit for mk4 mondeo 2.5t comprising belt, all pulleys, water pump with gasket. I bought this a couple of weeks ago but now its not needed and is for sale. £100 collect from Mansfield or plus postage TBC. Sent from my I3113 using Tapatalk
  9. In-Car Entertainment (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hi, I've recently bought my first Mondeo MK4 after having owned 2 Focus mark II's (pre and post facelift) and a Fiesta Mk7 (and some other non Ford cars). My Mondeo is a late 2009 MK4 2.0 Duratec HE petrol Titanium with Travelpilot FX and it came with Bluetooth handsfree calling and voice...
  10. Interior / Exterior (Mk4 Mondeo)
    hey! So ive just bought a 2007 MK4 Mondeo and within 7 days the lovely fiancee has caved in the drivers door and the wing. I have bought both replacements but i need some advice as to how to remove the door? Anyone has a easy step by step guide? Thanks Scott
  11. Ford Parts Wanted
    £: 400 P&P Cost: 1 Condition: used Location: Spain I have read the rules: Yes Vehicle: Mondeo MK4.5 Hello to all, I'd like to retrofit the Adaptive Cruise Control to my MK4.5 Mondeo. My car has already the HLA feature so only these main parts will be necessary: Steeringwheel buttons...
  12. Electrical (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hello everyone. I have a Ford Mondeo Mk4 Titanium X from 2008. The car has around 95000 miles, drives great, everything works except the parking sensors. They work sometimes but most of the time they just give a continues beep and the ON button starts flashing and it turns off again. They...
  13. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    £: 150 P&P Cost: 15 Condition: used - v good Location: Chelmsford, Colchester, essex I have read the rules: Yes Vehicle: Mondeo Mk 4.5 When i got my car it had one headlight with a chrome background, one with a black background. I bought one with a black background off ebay and just want...
  14. Mondeo Mk4 General Discussion
    Hi. I have Forscan for Windows and would like to do some small customizations to my 2007 Mk4 Mondeo 2.0TDCi 140 Ghia. I would like to do these - 1) Set the Mirror Puddle Lights to stay on for a longer time when opening and closing the car. 2) Automatically fold the mirrors when locking the...
  15. Diesel Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hello guys, I am a newbie here, not just a newbie to forums but a newbie to ford as well. And I am loving it. Bought 2009 Mondeo edge 2.0 diesel manual to use it as a taxi, its been fine for few weeks but started to develop an error ( I think). Almost every day now, it starts to lose power...
  16. Diesel Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hi all, I have a diesel Mondeo Mk4, 2010 reg, with an engine malfunction warning on the dash. The Ford IDS diagnostic tool reports the following two diagnostic errors: P2688:00-2F-PCM Description - P2688: Fuel Supply Heater Control Circuit Low Failure Type - 00: No additional failure type...
  17. Archived Classified Topics
    £: 50 P&P Cost: 4 Condition: Used Location: Reading I have read the rules: Yes Vehicle: Mondeo mk4 For sale as per photo. 8m5t-19c112-AM. Good used condition, tested on my own car but I now have a later module fitted. Please note this unit requires the ford specific usb lead which I don't...
  18. Archived Classified Topics
    4x 215/55 R16 Nankang NK Snow/winter tyres on steel rims. (Balanced and with steel valves) These are manufacturers spec rims and include the fixing nuts. Purchased from Mr Winter Wheels. Rims in excellent condition and tyres have enough tread for another winter I used them on a 59 &64 plate...
  19. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    £: 115 P&P Cost: Free Condition: Used once for one pair of bushes Location: Norwich, Norfolk I have read the rules: Yes Vehicle: Mondeo Mk4, S Max, Galaxy and Volvos This item is for a: Mondeo MK4, S Bought it new beginning of the week, changed the bushes and now surplus to requirements...
  20. Ford Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a steering wheel airbag of an Mondeo Mk4 facelift model. It cant be from a pre-facelift because they are different. Who can help me out and is willing to ship to the Netherlands. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk Pro
1-20 of 68 Results