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  1. Electrical (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hi there, I've got a 2014 S-max and wanted to activate TPMS. There are more options in Forscan and don't know which to choose... And one more question: Is it enough to put sensors into the tires or shall I get any other element as well?? Any help would appreciate! Peter
  2. Ford Galaxy Forum
    Hi I have a 2011 Galaxy 1.6 EcoBoost. The engine quietly stopped running while at a crossing and would not start again. It turns over, so not the battery. Prior to that it's been a fantastic car, responsive and quick for such a big vehicle. No Warnings/Lights/Noises etc. AA could not start it...
  3. 1.8L / 2.0L Duratec Petrol Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    Where the heck is the Oil Pressure Relief Valve on my Nov2004 Mondeo 2.0l Duratec? A photo would be great.
  4. Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    Dear all, This is my first post on this forum, apologies if I repeat what seems to be a frequent problem. My Mondeo started getting the limp mode glow plug flashing frequently ( but not always, could be days in between)) when driving above 120 Km/h, which I do every day on my commute. My mate...
  5. Diesel Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    I have a lower power than I would expect in my Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 140PS (mk4.5) so I connected up an ODB2 reader and Torque Software and compared with my wife's Cmax 2.0 TDCI 136PS which feels much more responsive: Mondeo - Turbo boost PSI: 13.0 max (usually up to 10PSI during acceleration) - 2.0L...
  6. Petrol Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    '57 plate 1.6 petrol Mondeo Mk 4 (owned from new, no other problems, serviced, low mileage for year) refuelled 69 litres from nearly empty which then refused to start at the Sainsubury's petrol station. Just lurched 1 metre forward and apart from 2 hiccups, nothing. Towed it home and have...
  7. Tyre Talk
    When is a tyre pressure cold? The ride of my Mondeo is somewhat sensitive to tyre pressure changes, especially the rear tyres. I check and compensate for the ambient temperature when inflating them. I have noticed how 'cold' ride and handling changes significantly on different tyre brands...
  8. Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3)
    Hi Im now getting the P0251 code. Ive taken these readings from Formidible whilst stood still. Car is a 2005 2.0 TDCI Euro 4 130 6 speed. Idle - 329 Bar 1000rpm - 320 Bar 1500rpm - 599 Bar 2000rpm - 639 Bar 2500rpm - 575 Bar 3000rpm - 592 Bar 3500rpm - 619 Bar Read a few other posts...
  9. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hi guys My front tyres on the zetec s TDCI seem to lose pressure quite quickly, is this normal for the TDCI due to the mass of the engine block? Also noticed that the passenger side loses more pressure than the drivers side. Checked for punctures and recently had both wheels straightened out...
1-9 of 9 Results