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  1. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hi guys, How hard is it to get to part 8 to check that it's screwed on tight, is that just a matter of taking off the wheels and put on jackstands so it don't fall onto me or do i need to remove additional parts? I'm asking because when i drive at 10 - 20 km/h over speed bumps (which Norwegians...
  2. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo)
    Could someone tell me the part number for the rear trailing arm rear bush on a 2000 Mk2 2.0i Ghia hatchback please? (Part 15 in the attached picture.) My car makes a loud clunk sometimes going over potholes and my mechanic has identified that bush as the culprit. His normal part supplier seems...
  3. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk3 Mondeo)
    I have a 52 plate ford mondeo. The rear tyres have worn on the outer edge. Any ideas what could have caused this?
1-3 of 3 Results