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  1. Drivetrain (Mk5 Mondeo)
    Case 31275 - Ford Mondeo Steering Rack Dear Mr Bamford Case 31275 - Ford Mondeo Thank you for contacting DVSA regarding your Vehicle Defect Safety Report Case 31275 involving your concerns about the possible Electric Power Steering Rack motor detachment on your Ford Mondeo EO65 ***. DVSA...
  2. Electrical (Mk5 Mondeo)
    Hello Guys, Please find attached all of the Documents relating to the recent 18P11 Battery Monitoring Sensor -- Safety Recall including the work procedure. :L
  3. Focus Mk3 General Discussion
    Just got some mail from ford today, looks like a recall for some Fucus's C-max & Kuga's (3S531) Software error that may cause the Interior alarm sensors not to trigger.
1-3 of 3 Results