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  1. General Car Talk
    I have recently seen a deal from a company called Scorpion Automotive who are offering a free tracker and fitting for Ford ST/RS owners where you just pay the 1-year subscription of £129. I've looked into them and their tracker seems pretty decent, has...
  2. Drivetrain (Mk4 Mondeo)
    I've been running the stage 2 Bluefin remap on the Mondeo for a little while now and today I've found some clutch slippage. Now the easy answer is just chuck another stock clutch in and see how she goes, but I never do things the easy way :D I'm looking for info regarding a Focus MK2 RS...
  3. Mondeo Mk1/2 General Discussion
    It's been a long time since I posted on here, but I'm trying to work out how rare one of my Mk1's is. I bought a very tidy 1996 aubergine Ghia X 24v Estate earlier this year and the reason for thinking it may be extremely rare is it's an estate with a full phase 2 RS bodykit fitted, I know of...
  4. Ford Granada Forums & Ford Scorpio Forums
    Hello,.. Does anyone know where i could possible pick up an RS Body kit for a granny MK3??? i know they are incredibly rare... but i live in hope... thanks
  5. Ford Escort Forums & Ford Orion Forums
    Hello, I'm looking at buying a MK2 Escort RS2000, but I'm not quite sure how to tell if it's a genuine car or just an escort with a 2ltr and stripes on it. Can someone help me? What's different shell wise and chassis number wise? thanks in advance
  6. Ford Mondeo Parts For Sale
    £: 1000 P&P Cost: POA Condition: Used Location: Benfleet, Essex I have read the rules: Yes Following a crash last year I am now starting to sell off bits from my Mk1 saloon 24v and from bits I've gathered over the years, I have the following for sale, but if you need anything else just ask! I...
1-6 of 6 Results