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    Hi, I have owned my 1994 Granada Scorpio 2.9 24v BOA (1989 -1994) for about ten years (most of that time it has sat in storage). Its been extensively freshened and ready to hit the road again but sadly the auto box is not behaving as it should. The car has covered 87,000 miles. Prior to its...
  2. Ford Old Skool Parts For Sale
    £: 14.99 P&P Cost: 0.01 Condition: NEW Location: RYE I have read the rules: Yes Vehicle: Galaxy MK1&MK2 Ford Scorpio 2.3 I have a GENUINE FORD Aux Tensioner without the Pulley, In its original box. £15 posted This will fit ALL 2.3 16v Galaxy Engines (1995-2006) and Scorpio Engines. It may...
1-2 of 2 Results