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  1. Ford Sierra Forums
    Hi all I have just purchased my second Sierra which has a carbed 8V DOHC, but it is leaking a lot of oil from the front somewhere, the car is stuck 5 hours away at my parents house, what is the most likely culprit...the crank seal or the oil pump or??? Also can anyone helps me out with a cam...
  2. Ford Sierra Forums
    Just thought I'd share some photos of my latest acquisition, a mint 1988 Sierra 2.0 EFI Ghia in Radiant Red. 48k Miles from new, original bill of sale, a massive folder of service history, all tax discs and MOTs, garaged by the same owner for the first 22 years... a real gem! Put new wipers on...
  3. Ford Sierra Forums
    Hi everyone. I'm in need of a replacement sump for my DOHC engine. It's the one used in the Sierra / Scorpios. I beleive that the later 16 valve engines have the same sump pattern and some have the sump bowl at the front intsead of the rear. I'm not sure but I also beleive that the sumps are...
  5. New Members Welcome Area
    Well, new to this forum and cant believe ive never seen it before.. bought a sierra when i was 16, learned to drive in one, and been my daily driver ever since Getting sick of all the common sierras here in Northern Ireland and want to go blacktop. Have a fullly restored sierra nearly built now...
1-5 of 6 Results