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  1. Ford Streetka and Sportka Forum
    Hi all, I wanted to know if anyone has had their reverse light removed and fitted a centre exit exhaust system through the reverse light hole? If this is possible does anyone know where we can purchase parts from? I can't find one place that sells centre exit exhaust systems. I know the tyre...
  2. Ford Streetka and Sportka Forum
    Hi my first post so please excuse me if this topic has been covered but i could not find what I was looking for. I have recently bought a Sportka 03 and noticed i have wet foot wells commons problem from what I can see. First thought heating matrix but when air con is not on dry wells. If it was...
  3. Ford Streetka and Sportka Forum
    Hi Having spent ages trawling the forum for a reason why my MPG was so shocking, I think I now have that dealt with. There are however a few minor rthings that are bothering me; 1. The biggest problem is the brakes. They'll stop me when needed, but the travel is horendous and instills no...
1-3 of 3 Results