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  1. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk3 Mondeo)
    out and in
  2. Drivetrain (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Mondeo 2.0Tdci 2011, Had a new Clutch and DMF and as soon as I drove away I noticed the steering was stiff when turning both directions, and would not centre itself on exit from a corner or roundabout, in fact it was so stiff if I took a gradual bend in the road, I could turn the wheel and it...
  3. Mondeo Mk4 General Discussion
    Hi Guy's, Would like to pick your brains on an issue with the power steering / rack on my fathers Mondeo 2008, He has recently has a new pump put in and the pump was still noisy after going back the garage they advised him to pick up a new steering rack... so long and behold new rack new pump...
  4. Diesel Engines (Mk4 Mondeo)
    Hi all I have recently purchased a 2008 Mondeo TDCI with 44000 miles on it. Within a few weeks 'the' loud whine began. It had the power steering pump, reservoir and steering rack replaced under warranty thankfully. However, since then the steering won't self centre. If I turn left or right the...
  5. Mechanical (Ka Mk1)
    Hello, My girlfriend's Ford Ka handles terribly and there is quite a bit of play in the steering when driving it. I've checked the track rod ends and they seem fine; no movement in them when shaking the wheel or knuckle from side to side and no movement from the inner when pulling it in and...
  6. Mechanical (Mk2 Focus)
    Hi, I've had my Mk2 1.6TDCI for 5months now. I bought it with an advisory on the MoT for 'Play in steering rack inner joint(s)'. I have now however noticed that when steering, the steering isn't smooth, and seems to shift a little bit more than the steering wheel. When the engine is off and the...
1-6 of 6 Results