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  1. Electrical (Ka Mk1)
    Doing up a Ford StreetKa I got for £200. It got these two fails on its last MOT and I need help to resolve them. Engine MIL inoperative or indicates a malfunction ( (h)) Anti-lock braking system warning lamp does not illuminate (1.6 (a)) Does anyone know the reason or how to fix these...
  2. Ford Streetka and Sportka Forum
    Hi All I'm new to this forum as we have just bought my wife a 2005 StreetKa. Our Ka has a paint code of E3, which I believe is called 'Street Silver'. Could anyone tell me if this was the only silver colour used on the StreetKa during its production - or were there any others? I'm asking...
  3. New Members Welcome Area
    Hello all, can someone point me in the direction of the Streetka forum please. Thank you ????
  4. Ford Streetka and Sportka Forum
    I've had my 04 Streetka for nearly 9 months and it's been running fine untill recently, it went completely flat after not driving it for 3 or 4 days, I jump started it charged it up and it ran fine until I left it for another 3-4 days at which point it was flat again. One garage said the...
  5. Mechanical (Ka Mk1)
    Got a 2003 Street KA and the auxiliary belt is squeaking all the time. Have sprayed the tensioner with lubricant and the noise stopped for short while then returned so I've ordered a new tensioner but access seems I looking at removing the front bumper/wing trim to improve access or...
  6. Ford Streetka and Sportka Forum
    Hi all I'm new to the site and hope you can help. I had a fuel pump replaced last week on my Streetka. On collecting the car I found the rear screen was cracked, the boot won't open remotely and the hazards come on with remote locking. Garage are denying responsibility and that they've even...
1-6 of 6 Results