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  1. Mechanical (Focus Mk1)
    So ive removed the trackrod end, but when i went to remove the inner rod, it is completely smooth and round. No flat spots for a wrench to grip. I've tried stilsons and mole grips but to no avail. I've Even grinded flat spots on but cannot get any purchase. Any ideas what I can use.
  2. Drivetrain (Mk4 Mondeo)
    This is an account of tools needed for in situ removal/installation of a track rod (preceded by a track rod end and a steering rack gaiter) on a Mk4 Mondeo. Given the dimensions and the 2007-2014 applicability of Ford-branded OEM parts available at the time of writing, it may be safe to assert...
  3. Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk3 Mondeo)
    I did a video on replacing the outer tie rod end. Generic enough but the car is a Mk3 Mondy
  4. Mechanical (Mk2 Focus)
    Hi, I've had my Mk2 1.6TDCI for 5months now. I bought it with an advisory on the MoT for 'Play in steering rack inner joint(s)'. I have now however noticed that when steering, the steering isn't smooth, and seems to shift a little bit more than the steering wheel. When the engine is off and the...
1-4 of 4 Results