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  1. Mondeo Cars For Sale
    £: 400 Mileage: 156000 Location: stratford MOT Expiry Date: oct 2020 Tax Expiry Date: oct 2020 I have read the rules: Yes This has been our car for the last 8 years whilst we've had a young family. It's in a good condition, there's plenty of room inside and the engine has been great to...
  2. Mondeo Mk4 General Discussion
    Hi, I just bought used Mondeo MK4 from a family member. I know he took a very good care about it, had in garage, didn't underestimate any problems and serviced that nicely. The only problem he ever had when he lend it to me for a while and I crushed the front wheel by stairs... On the other...
  3. Ford S-Max Forum
    Hi Everyone, Newbee here ! I am thinking of buy a S-Max so I thought I'd join here and ask everybody's advice. Firstly how reliable are the S-max's and should I get the auto or manual ? I have seen a 2011 S-max Titanium x Sport 80,000 miles in Auto which I like but not sure, help guy's ...
1-3 of 3 Results