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  1. Electrical (Focus Mk3)
    Hi all, I'm having battery drain issues with a focus, so this morning while driving it I loaded up the Test Screen before setting off on my jaunt. The battery voltage drops when the brakes are applied, and quite significantly too. Here are the findings: Voltage @ IDLE = 14.2v - 14.3v...
  2. Electrical (Mk2 Focus)
    Hi there, Im having a tough time working this one out, I have looked at a lot of threads regarding this, most are some symptoms, one thread had all the symptoms but the guy never reported back with the cure. So the reverse light is not working, I have checked the following: fuse is ok 10-12v...
  3. Electrical (Mk3 Mondeo)
    Hello all! I have a 2005 2.0 TDCI and I love it. Ive owned it for just over two months and had no trouble up until about two days ago. On my journey to work the other morning the battery light came on for about two seconds and went off. Thought it was weird so had a free battery/alternator...
1-3 of 3 Results