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£350 MK3 TDDI Mondeo - Dave The Bison

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Named, Dave The Bison, it's proven to be a hard working reliable bastard over the last 5000 miles!

Bought it for £350 to drive to Poland during the snow and ice, knew we were going to have an accident so I REALLY didn't want to drive my MK3 in those conditions!

Bought it as a non-runner on a 'hunch' the battery was knackered (turns out it wasn't after getting it home and charging it, despite being the original!), it was just flat. Even so, a new battery saw us home which we bought about 500 yards from the sellers driveway!

We named it Dave The Bison, as on our last trip to Poland we were stopped by Bisons on the road, and it just seemed fitting to call it Dave... lol.

Like a Bison- nothing stopped it, seriously... We came off the motorway in the snow doing about 40-50mph when some Polish twat, without a doubt, deliberately caused us to brake hard in conditions less than ideal hoping for an accident.

We went in a spin across the motorway and off in to a ditch in Germany. I thought the car was a gonner, although it looked OK, we had jumped a good 3-4 ft in the air and landed on two wheels, opposite sides, spun again to end up on the other two wheels and a thrid just touching the bottom of a V shaped ditch (run-off). If anyone saw the accident they'd have assumed the car was knackered, completely.

As we landed at a standstill the engine revved by itself with the limitter kicking in- instantly turned it off... Couldn't be a good sign I thought!

However, a closer inspection showed that we had only shattered a wheel arch liner and cracked an AC pipe- otherwise all seemed well... Amazing!

After the quick inspection, I restarted the engine and let it idle while I had a look for any major leaks etc. Ran sweet!

Put it in gear and started to level it out, 4 wheels back on the ground, although in a V shaped ditch!

Anyway, long story short, much to the local plods upset (never happy to find a Brit in a trench), got the car out and drove off. Stopped to check it all out at the next service station then continued to drive a further 700 miles to our destination.

After that 2500+ mile round trip, the car was running well, untouched until last month when the mrs accidently put Petrol into an empty tank and drove about 10 miles with it! Wasn't really her fault as it was clearly signed DIESEL when entering the station.

Drained the tank, changed the fuel filter, filled with 10l of Diesel and drove trouble free to the garage to fill it up.

About 600 miles since then and still no problems! A propper car in my opinion!

It's just done 5k with us and I thought I'd give it a clean and take a pic... Not really to post on the forums, but we might be selling :eyesup:

Thinking of finding another TDDI but with a Ghia X trim- Although I'm finding it hard to bring myself to actually selling it! Real trooper!

I've always doubted Ford for their diesel engines since they gave up on the 1.8TDs but no more!


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the other mondeo looks nice :)
That the one I'm working on over the sunny season ;)
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