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£: 150

Mileage: 48000

Location: Winchelsea, East Sussex

MOT Expiry Date: 02/07/2016

Tax Expiry Date: 13/06/2016

I have read the rules: Yes

00 Ford Ka

Metallic Green

Power Steering



Failed its MOT :(

1 tyre

2 bulbs

Inner and outer sill where the seatbelt anchor mounts 1 side

Outer sill where the seat belt anchor mounts the other side

Excessive corrosion around 1 rear subframe mount

Front wishbone bushes I think

Front strut mount bushes

Service brake below minimum requirements

Engine and gearbox are great and although the list above seems long, someone doing all the work could do it very cheaply.

Once the car is fixed properly, it would last someone a long time.

It went for it's MOT on 2nd July 2016 and I believe that garage has a free retest policy for 10 working days. I will double check tomorrow when I get the car back.

£150 ono

Winchelsea, East Sussex.

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