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04 TDCI problems

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Hi all
Friend up the road has an 04 TDCI saloon with a few problems.
Starts OK but runs rough and smokes (blue, smells like normal diesel smoke) on idle. Sometimes cuts out if no throttle and engine is 'missing' (sounds like running on 3 cylinders).
Apply some throttle and engine runs fine!
I've stuck a concentrated dose of Millers in to see if that makes any difference and also plugged in the OBDII and got a fault code of P1000? Anyone know what that means?
No flashing lights or warning lights on dashboard.
Very puzzling! Ideas welcomed.
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P1000 on a Ford is only info, and not a fault. only means some checks have not been performed yet.
Code P1000 always appears after clearing any existing codes
Q: What is the code P1000?

A: P1000 is not actually a trouble code. It just means that the Readiness code has not been set yet or in other words, the engine computer hasn't completed testing certain emission control components. If there is no other problems with the car emission system, the code P1000 will disappear after driving for some time (the drive cycle must include idling, stop and go traffic, acceleration and steady cruising).
A PCM update with a recallibration of the injector correction factors should smooth things out (approx £100 from ford). I had this done a few weaks ago and it sovled identicle symptoms. smoke may indicate a clean out of the EGR valve & inlet manifld may be needed. A little bit of blue smoke on start up isn't much of a worry - it happens with diesel turbo's.
Thanks, its done less miles than our 04 estate but runs really rough, I guess a recode of the injectors may be a good idea and poss cleanout of EGR and manifold. I guess if there was a serious injector problem it would throw up a proper fault code?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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