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07 Ka Mk1 1.3 Studio

Reviewed by:
on 21-April 11

Owning Experience

Owned For: 3 years
Good Points: Good small town car
Bad Point: Not great for long journeys


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

I have just traded my KA in for the new Fiesta as I wanted something a little bigger. I bought this car back in late 2007 and it was an ex-demostrator, so I basically got a new car for £700 of the list price which was a good deal. This car makes sense as it is very practical and cheap to run. Obviously the car being relatively new I had no problems apart form routine services and consumables. I will say that I found the breaks to be a little spoungy and the car can feel a little hairy in the wet under heavy breaking. I wouldn't recomend the car for anyone who does frequent long journeys as the seats get a little uncomfortable after a while. But overall it is a cracking little car and I was sorry to see it go.

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