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115bhp or 130 bhp??

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How do I find out for sure?
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Dont rely on the large sticker under the bonnet, the side of the engine should have a plate on it somewere stating 115 or 130

Put your reg or chassis number in there.

Wont help if the engine has been changed though.
Look on the engine front cover, level with the injection pump.

1: Engine serial number
2: VIN
3: Engine code:

90 PS TDDi = D5BA
115 PS TDDi = D6BA
115 PS TDCi = ????
130 PS TDCi = FMBA


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MondieTD said:
How do I find out for sure?
chuck it on the rollers and post the vid :L
hi buddy, can you tell me please if the 115bhp and the 130bhp tdci.thanks have the same egr valve
PURPLE_2L_LX said:
Just tried this site, it said that my car is a saloon when its definately a hatchback??
It'll say 4 or 5 doors to differentiate between saloon and hatch.
It says 5 door saloon for mine, everything else is right but it is definately a hatch, and its just gave me a different registration date to the last time I looked? I dont trust this site at all!
It says saloon for all hatchbacks the key is that it says 5 door. If it was a saloon it would have said 4 door.

It's manufacture data. Manufactures just word things a little funny sometimes.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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