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Cloud Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle

12 Focus Mk3 1.0 Zetec

Reviewed by:
dennis 999
on 27-April 12

Owning Experience

Owned For: few days
Good Points: very quite drive, very smooth, looks good, new 1.0 engine great
Bad Point: handbook paper is crap, but minor, feels a little loose on motorway high speeds


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

I've only had the car a day, but been in the motortrade years, so know cars well. I was a little concerned at first when I ordered a 1.0 engine in such a small car, but I can confirm that the 1.0 T(125) engine is great. Its so quite I can't even here the vehicle running. When the start stop cuts in I dont even notice.

If i was being pickly I think the zetec radio is not that great at high voulmes, its a same it doesnt have the sony like the model up. And the handbook and service book will be lucky to last the night with the quality of paper used to print it on. Cost cutting by ford I reckon.

The bluetooth with my i phone is really easy to use and works well, nice and clear.

I would recommed this vehicle and the 1.0 litre engine. £30 tax a year yes please !!

Dealt with Lifestyle in Redhill and they were excellent, top service would def recommed them

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