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12 Focus Mk3 1.6 Titanium X

Reviewed by:
on 20-September 12

Owning Experience

Owned For: 3 months
Good Points: Most of the electronics; quiet on road noise
Bad Point: Sat nav is dreadful


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

Overall, quite impressed.

Spec: Titanium X 1.6 EcoBoost 182PS with adaptive cruise control, rear parking camera, auto parking, Sony head unit with 5" Sat Nav, sunroof, door edge protectors, 17" alloys and anything else in the Tit X spec.

Here's a basic run down.

The Good
  • General handling is excellent
  • Adaptive cruise makes motorway driving very comfortable; like the way the car speeds up when you indicate to overtake a car going slower than your set cruise speed
  • Paintwork seems quite good - even better now I have had a detailer give it some protection
  • Quiet on the road - makes listening to music easier!
  • Lots of small but nice touches (like the USB port in the mid-seat armrest)
  • Sony head unit sounds nice
  • DAB radio reception is rock solid
  • Heated front window and washer jets (a real bonus if you've never had them previously)
  • Door edge protectors - ingenious but simple. Stops you accidentally dentinga nother car door when opening yours in a tight space. (doesn't stop others doing it to you though!)
The so-so
  • Seats are not especially comfortable (but not uncomfortable either)
  • Mileage is okay at around 40mpg, but nowhere near the quoted figure of 47.1
  • 5" information screen on head unit is too small and could do with more angle towards the driver
And the downright awful
  • Satnav is just dreadful. Negotiating the menus is cumbersome and awkward and the routing options can sometimes seem bizzare and infuriating. Voice is a combination of ponced-up robot and generic stuffy-sounding 50's style BBC female announcer. Not a patch on the satnav in my old Honda Civic - I miss my 7" screen as well :-(
  • Wind noise on the sunroof, those not fully opening it resolves this
  • Dash is a bit too plastic. Still not as bad as the tacky two tone interiors of the new Ka

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