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12v Socket wiring

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Hi folks,

One of my wires has come loose leading up to the 12v socket next to the handbrake. I think it happened when it was in the garage and they were checking out the handbrake adjuster or something. As a result, the socket ain't working.

It's a small black wire, see pic for reference:

I can't see anywhere obvious where it goes - i thought perhaps the small orange connector but not sure?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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hi you must have 3 wires to the socket
i've unmounted mine just to check and it's like this

3 wires
orange -> +12V (to the center of the socket)
brown -> +12V (to the side cilindric bulb)
black -> 0V ground (to the exterior of the socket)

Note: the colors may differ, but the socket and the socket's presence bulb share the same ground wire internaly, that's why there are only 3 wires visible.

usualy the black wire is standard for every car, and the light wire is thiner than the other two, since the black (ground) wire and the live 12V wire are thinker.

hope this helps =)
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is that 2 wires going into the large orange socket and 1 going into the small orange socket?

If so that's what I've got? Any chance you could show me a piccie of yours ;)
yes you have two sockets (one socket with two wires and one socket with one wire)

mine is stock so the wiring is the original one.

notice the considerable wire thickness of the double socket (+12V orange, ground black. this is the MAIN line to the 12Vplug

the thin blue wire is only to light the presence light.

so if you remake the double socket conections, in other words, if you conect the black to the outer side of the hull and the orange to th center of the hull you should get power on the lighter.

when conecting watch out the short circuits or else it will break the fuse.

if you could send a pic from another alngle it would be great... i notice you have many wires there =S
hope this helps


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thanks a lot for the pics - strange though that's exactly what I have on my socket but it didn't seem to work. Will go and have a look again now.

I do seem to have a lot of wires for dome reason - one is my mp3 cable into the glove box, not sure what the others are - there was a phone kit in the car which I took into the shop to be removed, but I don't think it's anything to do with that - could be the sat nav maybe so of those other wires?

OK - so it's definately not the wiring into the socket. Something has been spliced into the original cables in the past - must have been the phone kit.

Could it be a fuse - does the socket run on it's own fuse?
Yes F68, The fuse has 2 possible positions one is live with ignition on only, The other is perm live. Your choice.
When you look the fuse slot is slightly longer then the others.

Info here...
Coolio - thanks.

I did notice the surround light was still coming on when i put the lights on - would it still come on if the fuse was out?


Yes, the light is fed by a seperate fuse.

The actual socket is fuse F68.
Sorted - was the fuse.

Thanks for the help!
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