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1963 Cortina Mk1 1.6 GT

Reviewed by:
on 06-October 15

Owning Experience

Owned For: 1969 to 1974
Good Points: Very fast for its time and the car to have
Bad Point: rust issues


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

I bought this car when I was 18 and owned it for nearly five years.

It was a factory built 1963 GT in white with red trim. I paid 330 for it. In those days it was the car to have and be seen in for a young man in my area and it was very quick compared to most cars on the road then.

My car had a 1500cc engine and it had a twin choke Weber carburettor and a four branch exhaust manifold. In this early model the rev counter was fixed in a special housing mounted on the steering column. It had a centre console and arm rest (with stowage box beneath) and the oil pressure and amp meter were fitted to the front of this The handbrake was mounted under the dash to the left of the steering column. On the facelift models from 1965 the dials were put in an inline cluster in a modified dash board binacle which really looked cool.

My car was six years old when I got it so it was already getting on. It had a low mileage though and it was reaonably sound in the body. I had a progression of repairs during the time I had it and the ones I recall were:

Macpherson struts replaced front
Steering drag link replaced
Engine rebuild ( new rings etc)
Four branch manifold replaced
Back box (a number of times) I had a Peco whch gave a lovely noise.
Both front wings replaced (from a front end accident) got rid of the rotten ones.
And all the usual ignition lead, plugs, distributor cap, condensor and points issues that plagued cars of that time.

All in it was a realiable car that gave me many safe miles over the years I had it.

I sold it for 100. Its number was 611 ROO if anyone out there still owns it I woudl love to know.


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