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Little Megger
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£: 700
Mileage: 45000
Location: Ipswich, Suffolk
MOT Expiry Date: April 2012
Tax Expiry Date: October 2011
I have read the rules: Yes
Model: Ford Escort 1.6 GL Mk4

Year: 1988

Price: £700 or near offer

Contact details: 07824993306

This is Ethel as my wife's named her, We bought her a few months ago of the original lady owner, She was retiring from driving and wanted to give her pride and joy a good home so we bought her and lavished lots of love on her.

Bought back in 1988 from what was then Attleborough Motor Works in Norfolk (Now Bussey's), The lady kept up a fantastic service history record for it, All done by the supplying Main Ford dealer every year though out it's life, The Service book reads as follows.

1355 miles 5-9-88
5915 miles 16-10-89
8761 miles 9-6-90
10441 miles 19-11-90
11825 miles 13-5-91
13540 miles New Cambelt fitted
16830 miles 22-6-92
19241 miles 8-6-93
22283 miles 9-1-94
25117 miles 9-5-95
27217 miles 8-5-96
28778 miles 12-5-97
30474 miles 27-4-98
32246 miles 4-5-99 and new cambelt
33992 miles 9-5-00
35360 miles 25-4-01
36834 miles 17-4-02
38555 miles 6-5-03
39805 miles 05-05-04
41568 miles 4-5-05
42240 miles 25-4-06
42717 miles (No date but new cambelt and water pump)
43348 miles (No date)
43939 miles (No date)

Sorry that's so long!, It just goes to show how well cared for it has been, The 1598cc CVH is one of the quietest I've heard and it's really smooth, The engine bay looks like new!, It's really clean, The only fault with it is that when you start it after sitting overnight it puffs a small bit of smoke so the valve stem seals seem worn but these are a very common fault due to the unleaded fuel used in them and in no way affect the engine.

The body work is also pretty amazing, When I bought it both rear aches had a small bit of grot as well as the battery tray so I had them cut out and new metal welded in professional and repainted and treated so they are as good as new now, the rest of the car is mint rust wise, The floor pan is like new!, Sadly the lady has bumped the O/S/R 1/4 at some point cracking the rear bumper and putting a dent above the rear light, these aren't bad as can been seen in the photos and there is also a small dent on the O/S/F wing on the wheel arch edge and also the wheel trims are a little cracked in places from going brittle over the years.

The interior is like new and everything works like it should, even down to the original radio, The car has central locking which works fine and a nice free working sunroof, It comes with both it's keys, one even still has it's working light!

I have changed the front tires to some very good part worns due to it still being on it original tires when I bought it though the spare is still it's original wheel.

I recently moted it (It failed on a wheel cylinder which has been replaced) and I taxed it until the end of October as well, I'd have no worries at all in driving anywhere it in, It's that good!

I have taken a lot of photo's to show how good it really is which I recommend looking at, if you would like any others then please ask. Escort/

Both me and my wife are sad to be selling Ethel as we promised the lady (who was close to tears when she sold it) that we would keep it and look after it but I've come across a tidy Mk3 Escort so this need to go sadly.

This will make a perfect future classic, I've already seen plenty of Mk4's (most newer then this) at car shows and this really wouldn't look out of place at one, I've had so many comments from people at petrol stations commenting on how clean it is and how they used to have one!


Back in England.......
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That's virtually identical to my first car but I had the 1.4

I think you are right in saying a future classic here!
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