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2.0 Duratec starting/running problems

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Hello All

I have a 2001 2.0 16v Duratec Mondeo which has some issues.

From cold it starts perfectly with no throttle input. If I do a short journey and then switch the engine off, it doesnt like to start again unless I press the throttle. Also, it sometimes hunts and tries to die. This problem seems worse once the engine has warmed up.

Any thoughts would be great,

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It can be a fairly common problem with mondeo's that once warm, starting can be a bit of a pain.

The usual remedy is when turning engine off briefly blip throttle on spindown and this draws clean air into the inlet manifold which purges the spent gases which then makes restarting easier.

I recently had a head gasket replaced and they also found a problem with the air intake manifold which they also replaced.I was like you having occasional warm start issues.Since the manifold has been replaced that warm start issue has gone away.
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