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2.0 petrol fuel consumption

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hi all thinkin of gettin a 2001 2.0 ghia x petrol
what do people get to the gallon out of these things
also wot are the usual problems with them
cheers all
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Hello mate, I have 2.0 2002 petrol zetec. My fuel consumption is quite bad 25-30mpg, don't let me put you off tho i'm in the process of trying to sort mine out.
I get high 30's at normal motorway and A road speeds, in town on my daily commute in stop start traffic it drops to mid 20's
A roads and town driving I get around 32mpg. Gets up to around 42 on a long motorway journey
Average 35 ish. Got 37.6 out of the last tank, normal mixed driving on the daily commute.
24... if i'm lucky (around town that is with a little bit of motorway), but mine is auto and im not the lightest person in the world :)
mine does about 28 mpg but it is a mini cab and before anyone says i should have got a diesel... i had what has to have been the worst TDCI on the planet what could go wrong went wrong so never again(bag of crap) :tonofbricks:
I'm with JasonE.
Trip was showing 35.3 after doing the math calculation - miles travelled / full full against remnants of last full it came back as 36.7.

I don't drive hard but I'm not woose either. Try a K&N panel, oil change, de-cat etc. These 2.0 duractec seem very stuffy and crave more air / freedom.
mine was doing around low 20s on a good week i would get 27mpg changed to a K&N panel filter and now get around 30 to 32 same driving.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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